3 Tips to Prevent Roof Leaking

When there’s rain, it brings delightfulness and works wonders on our senses. It fills our hearts with joy. But unfortunately, it’s not the same for everyone; it can bring chaos to many people in the form of flooding and property damage.

However, it’s a natural phenomenon and we must take safety precautions to prevent damage. The main property damage that individuals face is the leakage in the roof due to heavy rain. However, this leakage is the result of a lack of awareness that the homeowners are lacking.

Follow the tips below and make your roof firm to face the drops of heavy rain above it.

1. Proper Roof Inspections:

Roofs are the shelter against harsh weather conditions so make sure to have scheduled inspections of the roof, because sometimes you might not know what’s going on the roof, any small defects on the top can lead to costly damage. During inspection, make sure that there is no space in the roof, from where the water can enter the interior of your home.

Always ensure that the gutters of your house are in good condition, if there’s any leakage then get a new gutter installation to avoid flooding and leakage in the roof. Along with the leakage also check the clogging. Clogging can be a big reason for your roof leakage.

Also, if you’re using an asphalt shingle roof then always check for the missing shingles and get it repaired. Clean the area between the shingles to remove any molds, as they can cause roof leakage.

  1. Ensure Proper Attic Ventilation:

    The attic, the area inside the roof of a building, is very important in roof leakage. So, ensure that along with the proper roofing systems, you have a proper attic ventilation system as well. Condensation is the main cause of leaking in the roof and it could be stopped by attic ventilation as it can help in controlling the temperature and moisture levels of the roof.

    Ensure to have a proper attic ventilation system including vents, exhaust fans, and insulation, to maintain a healthy roof structure. Also, keep a look and have a regular inspection of your attic after every rainy day as a small leak can fill up your attic and can cause costly damage to the house interior.

    3. Proper Maintenance of Flashing:

    Along with the roof, flashing is used to seal roof edges, valleys, and around vents and chimneys and it is crucial in preventing access water to the roof. So, make sure to check the areas of flashing regularly for any damages and defects. If you find any sort of defects then swiftly get it repaired or replace it as necessary.

    Cut the branches of the trees of your house regularly, otherwise, the more they grow the more they’ll affect the roof and flashings and can cause severe water leakage during the rain.

    In the end, making sure to have a well-maintained roof can make your property worth more, as no one wants a house leaking.


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